Villa Villa  
  Massawippi Massawippi  

vue du village/view of the village
View of North Hatley village
- North-west side

vue du village/view of the village
View of North Hatley village
- South eastern side

vue du village/view of the village
Summer view of south east side
facing Villa Massawippi

vue du village/view of the village
View of south-east side facing
Villa Massawippi

coleurs d'automne/autumn colours
Autumn colours in North Hatley


Bienvenue / Welcome

The Village of North Hatley

One of the jewels ot the Eastern Townships in Quebec, North Hatley is situated at the northern tip of  beautiful Lake Massawippi. This small village of 700 inhabitants has conserved over the years its early american look and its quiet and quaint atmosphere. Some people come to North Hatley to stroll and shop in its art galleries, shops, cafés and restaurants, some of which are five stars restaurants. Others come to practice their favorite sport on the Lake or in the picturesque countryside, in the summer as well as in the winter. Some also come to North Hatley to relax and rest in a serene atmosphere, exempt from stress and pollution.

Parc des rêves/Dreamland park
Dreamland Park Bandstand in Winter

Pont de North Hatley/North Hatley Bridge
The Old North Hatley Bridge

A bit of History   

Abénakis and other Amerindians have for many years in the past been canoeing on Lake Massawippi, which they so named because of the depth of its water (300 feet). Immigrants from the United States, notably Henry Cull and Ebenezer Hovey in 1793, and later Japhet Le Baron and others came to establish themselves in the North Hatley region and live on agriculture, wood harvesting and the production of potash. But very soon the charm of the Village of North Hatley, which was founded in 1897, made the area attractive to rich American tourists. At the beginning of the 20th century, it received over 2000 visitors lodged in six hotels and 250 villas. Over the years since, luxurious and century-old residences have been converted into charming hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, shops and artists' studios. Five churches of various denominations ornement the village with their traditional architecture.

Faire du canot/Canoeing
Canoeing on Lake Massawippi
Faire du ski/Skiing
Cross country skiing on Lake Massawippi

What to do in North Hatley

Sailing, Swimming. canoeing, boating on the lake are most popular with our guests in the summer. Also very popular is playing tennis or golf. So is horse riding or riding a bicycle on trails and paths which have been specially designed for that purpose. And in Autumn, mountain trekking or simply strolling on paths in the forest embellished by the fall foliage. In winter time, cross country skiing or alpine skiing on anyone of the five mountains that surrounds North Hatley, most of which are within 40 minutes driving, will make your day, When frozen, Lake Massawippi allows you snowshoe or skate, or do ice fishing. More importantly, North Hatley allows you to rest and get together after too many months trying to cope with the noise and pollution of big cities.